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Awaken to the Greatest YOU!

Sometimes life can seem to really beat us down. As humans, we all feel this way sometimes – that there is just too much stuff coming at us, and often all at once! When the expectations that others have of us, that we have of others, and even the ones we have of ourselves are not met, we can feel immense disappointment. Challenges at home, work – and all of the places in between – can be a bit much to navigate alone. When we are feeling overwhelmed by it all, sometimes we need friend who will not only listen when we need them to, but who can also offer guidance and motivation that can spark the very confidence and drive within us to get up and go be great!

I have personally discovered that noticing the beauty of every day life, regardless of how the circumstances may appear, is a behavior capable of being learned. I have done it, and I want to help you do the same. My greatest desire is to see you design a life that will enable you to live in a streaming state of bliss. This is possible…and THIS is what Bradford Speaks Life Management does for its clients. -Bradford Speaks

If you are feeling any of the following, Coach Speaks wants to work with you:

  • Desire to construct, reconstruct, or rehabilitate your life, but you are unsure of where to begin
  • You want to know yourself at a deeper level
  • You need support in coping with a painful break-up, separation, or divorce
  • Your relationship needs mending
  • An inability to clearly set and achieve your personal and/or professional goals
  • You are experiencing trouble identifying your Life Purpose
  • Can’t seem to enjoy consistent Peace, Joy and Happiness in your life
  • Seeking to create more harmonious and enriching relationships with the people in your life
  • You desire to parent more effectively and connect with your teenager
  • Seeking career guidance/counseling
  • Struggling with loving or accepting yourself

What are the benefits of working with Coach Speaks?

Six qualities that set Coach Speaks apart from the rest:

  • Compassion – A compassionate, non-judgmental Life Leader who genuinely cares about your struggles, pains, fears, and successes.
  • Personal Interest –  A sincere commitment to seeing you conquer your fears and discover your highest potential.
  • Confidentiality – A private, clear, open, and safe space, conducive to your personal growth and self-development.
  • AuthenticityGenuine Love and undying support throughout every step of your Self developmental journey.
  • Accountability –  A Life Leader who will not quit on you, and will not allow you to quit on yourself.
  • Results – A proven track record of powerful life transformations (see testimonials).


What In The Heck Is a Life Architect?!

Life Architect is an experienced Life Leader who works with groups and/or individuals to conceptualize, design, frame and construct the life they desire. This creation process begins with a collaboration to design a Life Blueprint, which is a living outline of the desired life outcome. The Coaching element of Bradford Speaks Life Management’s services is comprised of motivating, inspiring, holding accountable, and driving Life Players to perform in life at an optimum level. We seek to work with those who desire to create an existence that is meaningful and filled with blissful purpose. Can you imagine how great it would feel to live your life virtually free of suffering and stress? It is possible, and I will show you how.

People seek out the motivation, support and guidance of a Life Architect & Coach for a number of different reasons, but many are unclear on what a Life Architect is, how one can support them, or the value they can add to their lives. Here is an article that will better define what a Life Architect is and how it differs from a Life Coach. You will also discover if working with one might be the right move for you. Click here to see >>> What is a Life Architect or Coach? 

What Are You Really Capable Of?

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” – Maryanne Williamson

Even in the light of many amazing human advancements in the areas of Math, Science, and Technology, the height of human potentiality is still vastly unknown. We are only limited by what we can believe. A Life Architect leads clients to recognize their potential for greatness, and works with them to bring that potential into much clearer focus. But the real question is: why is it that most of us never quite reach this high level of living, or tap into our greatest potential? Why does it seem that (in the words of rapper, Drake) “everybody dies, but not everybody lives“? The reasons are largely due to the way most define what life is supposed to be, or what success means, which are both largely influenced by what we believe and how we perceive what we are to do with this wonderful gift of life we have been given. Our beliefs about ourselves can either restrict us or expand us. If we could all learn to see life outside the realm of our own limited perspective, how would it change the way we experience the world around us? If we could see that life is always wonderful, always sweet, always bubbling over with new and exciting experiences to be had, how anxious would we be to get up out of bed each morning? And if we could learn not to take life so seriously, wouldn’t all of this be so much more fun?! Peace and happiness is always available to you. Even in the midst of life’s most chaotic and disheartening moments, you are surrounded by love and beauty. Just look…look at how beautiful and powerful you are.

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